Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Blogs of Families who have the hit the Road...

A year ago, when we tossed around this idea of hitting the road, we started following the blogs of some other families doing what we were dreaming of doing.

In one word, they all are simply "inspiring". Every family different, every family with an amazing story but we have one glaring similarity - we figured there just has to be another way of livin' this life. Every day, when i see what these families are up to on the road, I get super psyched knowing that THIS WILL BE US soon!

Check just a few of these families out below! Most have facebook pages too, so be sure to like them and get daily updates on what they are up to... it's really astounding what happens in a day in the life of a full time family traveling around this fabulous planet!

And this website has the stories & blogs of a couple hundred families full time traveling:

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  1. Thanks for the link! You guys rock...and are welcome here in astoria, or anytime!


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