Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Great Minivan Disaster of 2014

We hit a rock! Literally. 

We are working on the story for all to enjoy about the Great Minivan Disaster of 2014.

Short version to build suspense: A 50km desolate road. Big boulder. Van stops dead. Screaming (at each other). Red oil spewing everywhere. Emergency backpacks prepared. Sled for possibly having to walk molly 25 or more kilometers to main road. Machete. Filleting knife. Food. Warm clothes.Bear. Wolves. Rutting moose. Wind. Stranded. RCMP that are upset at having to get our of his chair. Stranded again! Gah!

Now, you are intrigued, aren't you??

Give us a week and the story will be up. Check back later. After all, we are stranded in a motel in Whitehorse, waiting for a new transmission to be put in. But wait, it has to be FLOWN in first. Gah.

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Take care!

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